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  • Sketch and Figma Synced Libraries
  • Essential UI Components
  • Modular Libraries Structure
  • Designed to Fit Any Screen
  • Auto-updatable Style Guide
  • Dark and Light Color Themes

Slice — modular design system shaped from separate libraries to unify design with a consistent set of rules.



  • Colors
  • Text Styles
  • Overlays
  • Image Grids
  • Glyphs
  • Style Guide


  • Button
  • Input
  • Input Header
  • Toggle
  • Progress
  • Pagination
  • Segmented
  • Alert
  • Tooltip


  • Menu
  • Submenu
  • Page Header
  • Tabs
  • Search
  • Sidebar
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Footer
  • Scrollbar


  • Regular Bar
  • Small Bar
  • Social
  • Text
  • Shopping
  • Dashboard

Design Faster

Create websites and apps faster using essential components made with extreme attention to details.

Create a Design System

Use Slice to create a trustworthy foundation for your project and build better systems.

Sync and Share

Use Slice to share your work with others and expand your collaboration capabilities.


If you are a newcomer, you will learn a lot about top market design tools and features.

Includes Smart Layout

Supercharge your workflow


Slice is built upon Smart + Auto Layout in Sketch and Figma — making your workflow a breeze.

Why Slice

Project Companion

Use Slice to scale and keep your project files up to date.

UX Friendly

Made with common restrictions and web standards in mind.

Responsive and Adaptable

All building blocks are provided in multiple sizes and states.

Themeable Design

Easy to customize, fit your brand and start designing.

Symbols and Components

All components have functional and useful overrides.

Typography System

Beautiful, clean and reusable set of typography styles.

Made with Slice

Those examples are made using Slice with manual customization. You can easily get the same results.

Pricing for Teams and Individuals

For Sketch


  • Sketch files
  • Auto-updatable Style Guide
  • 380+ components
  • Responsive Design
  • Smart Layout
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For Figma


  • Figma files
  • Auto-updatable Style Guide
  • 380+ components
  • Responsive Design
  • Auto-Layout
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